Audrey in Rome par Luca Dotti

Audrey in Rome par Luca Dotti

Titre de livre: Audrey in Rome

Auteur: Luca Dotti

Broché: 192 pages

Date de sortie: April 15, 2013

ISBN: 0062238825

Éditeur: Harper Design

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Luca Dotti avec Audrey in Rome

HardCover. Pub Date :2013-03-28 Pages: 192 Language: English Publisher: Harper Design Audrey in Rome offers a revealing portrait of the stars life in the Eternal City as she truly lived it for more than two decades. This collection is a rare treat for Audrey fans. for thumbing through its pages is like having Hepburns family scrapbook in hand. Heres Audrey strolling with a good friend on the city streets. shopping for flowers or stationery. eating breakfast on the Piazza Navona. or walking her Yorkie. Mr. Famous. Throughout the book. commentary by stylist Sciascia Gambaccini sheds light on her glamorous clothes and accessories - from the little black dress and straw handbag to the ballet flats - that comprised Audreys distinctive. elegant. and still much-imitated look . Candid on-set photographs taken during the filming of movies made during that era. such as Roman Holiday. ...